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A Way: The story of a long walk

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A Way: The story of a long walk was written after my return from the pilgrimmage of Saint-James' Way, otherwise known as the Camino di Santiago.

A Way tells the story of the pilgimmage. My walk. 65 days in France and Spain through wind and rain and hail and all the quirky, hysterical people I met.

It was a sacred journey that brought about the most unsacred of experiences. Like swearing over blisters, treating 40 bedbug bites and arguing with one's husband over how much time one really needs to pack their bag in the morning.

But it was journey of beauty as well. Of community built around suppertimes, of lessons on the body and of reflections on time, on choices, on God and his saints and sinners.

Most of all it's a story. The story of a long walk.

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For Montrealers:

The book is for sale at La Tienda , 4329 Wellington in Verdun.

The book is also for sale at Argo Bookshop, 1915 Ste-Catherine in downtown Montreal.

In Knowlton, Quebec (Eastern Townships):

Get the book at Brome Lake Books, 30 D Lakeside Road, Knowlton. You can also email them: blb@b2b2c.ca

In Portland, Oregon:

Get the book at Imago Dei Community bookstore.

In the Dallastown, PA area:

Buy the book at Hearts and Minds Books, 234 East Main Street, Dallastown. And check out their blog while you're at it. A true gem! Full of great reviews. You can also order from Hearts & Minds Books from anywhere in North America. And get this- they'll take cheques. I'm serious. They'll mail you the book first (I know, right?!?) and trustingly send an invoice with the book, confident that you'll pay it after you get the item. How very uncynical.

A Way: The story of a long walk is published by Urban Loft Publishers. Urban Loft Publishers is a Portland-based artisan publishing company. They focus on topics about the intersection of urban studies, city life, ministry & theology. And sometimes they publish books written by urbanites like Jenna whose content has seemingly NOTHING to do with all that is described above. That's because they're just a totally cool company that thinks outside the box. Check 'em out.