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About me

Hello...this is me. Writing to you.

Umm...I'm a Montrealer. A youth centre director. Married to a fabulous primary school teacher. I think he's great. He thinks I'm pretty swell too. I am a rookie blogger. Go easy on me.

I am about learning.

I am about the spirituality of the small. I think that it is the conversations, the micro-communities, the 12-minute-sermons, the anecdotes, the forgotten and unimportant encounters that actually grow us into who we are.

My spirituality started with a Galilean and his twelve person posse. Small. 

I am about youth work. I direct a youth centre (it's also pretty small) and I think that maybe, just maybe, the ratty, rag-a-muffin kids I work with, gangly limbs and acne and armour and all, may be my most important teachers.

I'm about shoes. I won't lie. I love them so.

I am about walking. I even wrote a book about it. One day, my husband and I stepped foot on a road in France and didn't stop walking for 65 days. I am not quite as "about walking" now as I was then. I take the metro to most destinations now.

I'm about food. I think food develops the senses, builds community and helps us appreciate God's beauty and creation. I am presently on the search for the perfect lasagna. Haven't found it yet. If you have ideas on WHERE to find it, please notify me in the contact section.

I am about gardening. It goes hand in hand with all the food stuff I wrote about in the paragraph above. Gardening in a city is one of my favourite things of all time. Its like working with opposites. Growing vegetables against a skyscraper. Oh, the irony.

I am about giving an expiry date to everything I say, and the more certain I sound, the sooner the expiry date. Like, really. Sometimes statements tend to rot and get stinky REAL fast.

I try to be about listening. If I interrupt you while you're talking, it's because something you said inspired a thought in me and now I'm just dying to share it with you. Take it as a compliment.

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